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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Ethos and Habits

Everything within Oasis Restore is framed by our ethos.  

Our ethos is rooted in what we believe and who we are. Grounded in our story, it is an expression of our character; a set of values that inform and provide the lens on everything we do. 

  • A passion to include  
  • A desire to treat people equally respecting differences  
  • A commitment to healthy, open relationships  
  • A deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed  
  • A sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul 

We hope our values and our ethos are felt whenever someone encounters Oasis, permeating everything we do. 

We encourage every member of our family, be that staff or student, resident or community member, to align themselves to these ethos values. We recognise and celebrate the richness that spiritual and cultural diversity brings to our community, respecting the beliefs and practices of other faiths in the hope that we will provide a welcoming environment for all. 

The Oasis 9 Habits 

Our 9 habits are our organisational behaviours. They are lived out every day in who we are, and how we behave towards each other. In all our work we encourage each other to become the best version of ourselves through developing these habits; they are our organisational DNA and present through all our work from recruitment and training, to policies, and everyday interactions.

Therefore, the 9 habits are implicit throughout the implementation of all areas of Oasis’ work and are foundational to achieving Oasis Restore’s vision and mission.