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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis People Statement of Intent

Over the last forty years Oasis has built a movement and a culture founded by our people built on our relationships, vision, and ethos.  

Our People Statement of Intent was created by listening to everyone across our movement.  It sets out the aspiration we have for our people and establishes what it means to be part of Oasis.  

We talked to our staff and volunteers up and down the country about what it is like to be part of Oasis and what we want it to be like for everyone in the family. 

Based on our organisational vision and values, and supplemented by feedback from our people, we recognise that:  

  • Everyone in Oasis is precious and worthy of respect. 
  • Everyone has immense capacity and power to make a difference in our communities and the world around us.  
  • Everyone is made for transformation and growth, and we are all discovering more about ourselves all the time.  
  • We thrive when we live our lives in the light of a story of hope and justice, drawing on something bigger and beyond just us.​ 
  • We are made for relationship and community, and our diversity brings us joy and makes us all more complete. ​ 
  • We are stronger together, and we stand alongside each other through the good times and the tough times.  
  • We celebrate the things that go well, and recognise that sometimes we may need to apologise and put things right.  
  • We really value combining action and reflection, action to make a difference and reflection to do things better next time. 

Our 5 people priorities

The People Statement of Intent enshrines 5 people priorities.