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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Approach


Oasis Restore is aligned with Youth Justice Board’s Child First principles and guided by the truth that children are different from adults. This means that each child’s voice is listened to, valued, and opportunities are created for them to contribute within a school community where adults make the final decisions in the best interests of the child.

Our aim is for children to value their time at Oasis Restore, to enjoy learning, and to leave ready to contribute to society. We acknowledge that traumatic early life experiences, adversity and exploitation negatively affect the children we serve and those around them, including the victims of their crimes. Young people placed at the secure school will need to come to terms with the consequences of their criminal behaviour: the sentence is their punishment. Our job is to listen and understand the stories behind those actions, to support them to start making amends in whatever ways they can, and to help them build the skills they need for a positive future.

In the service of our mission, we will formulate bespoke care plans that meet students’ needs, explore and challenge harmful habitual behaviours, develop their strengths and aspirations, and reduce the risk of future harm.

We recognise the magnitude and importance of beginning to address these issues in children, and of piloting work that we hope will influence wider change for children’s social care and justice systems.