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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Framework of care


Oasis Restore has a values-led, evidence-based, and bespoke approach to our practice. This is encapsulated in the Restore Framework which is designed for the specific group of children we serve and informs all that we do from our policies and processes to our structures and daily interactions.

The Restore Framework is grounded in the Oasis ethos and 9 Habits and supports whole, integrated systems. By having an inter-dependent, pan-organisation approach to our staff and systems, we encourage collaboration and enable each area of practice to bring the benefit of their learning and, together, we can deliver high quality care for our students.

Importantly, Restore’s Framework is psychologically informed. This means we have used tried-and-tested knowledge of practice and psychological theory to inform our understanding of areas such as:

  • How the human brain develops in childhood and adolescence
  • What happens to the brain when a child has experienced trauma such as neglect, abuse, lack of loving connections or threats
  • How these experiences affect children's social, and emotional development and their ability to process and retain information, learn new things, concentrate, make decisions, and problem-solve in everyday life (cognitive functioning)
  • The foundational role that quality, secure early attachment relationships play in the emotional development of children and functioning through their teenage years into early adulthood, and their lifelong necessity
  • What this means for how we should understand, care for and work with the children at Restore, their families and communities, and how we train and support our staff to help them thrive.

Oasis Restore’s Framework is founded on the following principles: 


Relationships through building trust 


Empowerment through providing choices and nurturing responsibility 


Safety through providing consistency, a secure base and community


Trauma-responsive practice through creating a psychologically informed culture and systems


Ownership through providing life affirming opportunities  


Restoration through offering support and challenge 


Enquiry through encouraging openness and reflection 

Embedding these principles throughout our policies, practice, and processes in the school, we will ensure that we create an environment of high-quality care and psychological safety for our students and staff.